Tool Test: Makita XFD10R Cordless Drill Driver

The variety of cordless drills available today can make choosing a single brand difficult. However, if you were to Google the top selections Makita would be there. Besides getting in the way and limiting movement, equipment that runs on air hoses are more costly. Cordless drills are only as good as their battery so the best way to choose from one brand or another is by paying attention to its power source. Any drill that runs on a Lithium-Ion battery is one you can depend on.

There’s more than one advantage to choosing this Makita cordless drill over one operated by an air hose. Costs are lower since all you have to do is plug the charger into an outlet and that’s it. Freedom to move around without becoming tangled in an air hose keeps you safer and also enables you to work in tight places with ease when you don’t have to drag a hose around behind you. Makita makes good use of modern technology in a drill that allows either first-timers or experienced professionals alike to complete a job with less stress or struggle. It’s no wonder Makita products are the first choice for many in the assembly and manufacturing industry.


With a 4-pole motor delivering 480 in. lbs. of maximum torque and running with 25% more speed than older versions, this is a tool that gets the job done. You’ll be able to get to the enjoyment part of a project completed that much sooner when you’ve got the power you need to get on with the work.

Those not familiar with power tools will appreciate the ergonomic design of this drill, and with a 2-speed transmission, this tool doesn’t have to run full tilt. Simply ease it down to the lower setting until you feel comfortable using it at a higher speed. More experienced users will be pleased with all the drilling and driving options to be had with this Makita.

Extreme Protection Technology provides resistance to dust, dampness and other harsh job conditions. It makes no sense to buy anything that is so fragile it clogs or stalls frequently due to your work environment. That would never be an issue with this Makita and is one of the many reasons it does so well. When Makita sells you a drill, you will know you’ve bought the best available after the first use.

Keeping a running power tool balanced is important to the job and your safety. The compact, user friendly design of this Makita and a rubberized grip make it easy to hold steady which reduces operator fatigue. Good balance is especially important for those not used to power tools and the same applies to more experienced users. Used incorrectly, powers tools can be dangerous but in the hands of people who do know how to use them, they are invaluable.

L.E.D. light gives off a glow that comes in very handy in shadowy areas where there is no room for a flashlight. Sometimes you need both hands on a tool and that’s when you really appreciate a little extra light. Experienced users who remember trying to hold a flashlight in their teeth while their hands are busy with a tool will certainly know the value of this feature.

Powered by a low toxicity, environmentally friendly Lithium-Ion battery (included), the Makita 18V drill will help you get through any project with time to spare. The best of drills are only as good as their power source. Lithium batteries are the best modern science can offer and have the quickest charge time for their category.

This drill doesn’t need to spend as much time sitting in a charger while you wait for it. The Rapid Optimum Charger monitors the entire charging process through a chip in the battery. This helps extend battery life by controlling temperature, voltage and current. As an alternate power source, this drill is compatible with Makita 18V LXT as well as Lithium-Ion. Look for the star symbol on the battery and you’ll know your buying the right one.

“Star Protection” computer control was created by Makita to improve tool performance as well as extend the life of the battery. The benefits of this are obvious since even the best of batteries have to be replaced eventually but you don’t want to do that any sooner than you need to. This technology enables the tool and the battery to “communicate” during use and protects against overloading, over-discharging and overheating.

Makita takes quality control and customer satisfaction seriously so they aren’t afraid to back their product with a 3-year warranty. Every unit is tested before it leaves the factory, and if you decide to return your drill within 30 days of purchase you will (at Makita’s discretion) either receive a replacement or refund.


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