Is DNA Testing for Genealogy Worth It?

DNA genealogy testing is an interesting thing you can pay for if you want to have a deeper look at what your heritage is. Someone who is unsure of their heritage will have a hard time understanding where they come from without a blood test, or the blood test could point you in the right direction. There are three main tests that you may use, and you will find there are a number of companies that will help you with your testing. Each test is a little different, and these companies offer different sets of tests.

The Three Tests

The three tests you can get with your DNA are all a little different, and you need to ensure that you are getting the test that you think is the best choice for you. Autosomal, Mt, and Y-DNA are all different. The Y-DNA test will look at your maternal line and nothing else. This could be helpful, but the results can get muddled if you are trying to interpret the results. The MtDNA test will get to the male and female sides, but it can still be hard to interpret because you are not looking at particles that are on all the serenades of your DNA. The Autosomal DNA will give you very deep results, but you might find them hard to understand because of how the test works. combining all three will give you the best results, but you must look at what each service does for you.

The Services

Family Tree, Ancestry, and 23and Me are the three major services that you could use, but you must remember that they will all use different tests. you get differing results when you use each of the three services, and they all come with a price tag because the tests are not cheap to process or understand and interpret. Someone who is hoping to get one of these tests should choose carefully, or you can shell your money out for all of them if that is what you want to do.

Ancestry and 23and Me will use the autosomal test, and that can give you deep results even if they might be hard to understand. You can use the FamilyTree service, and they will give you a choice of six tests. You need to know which test to choose from, and that could make it simpler for you to use the tests from Ancestry or 23andMe. These tests will give you an idea of where you come from, and they could break down where you come from by country. You will see a percentage of your DNA that comes from certain places, and these companies even market themselves that way.

You Will Learn A Lot About Yourself

You could learn quite a lot about yourself if you are using one of these tests to track your DNA, but it will only tell you where you come form the world. You must do a lot more digging into your past and your ancestry if you want to have names and locations of the places where your family comes from. The blood tests are just one part of the puzzle, and they may tell you that you have certain parts of your bloodline in you that you were not aware of. You will have a greater understanding of how your family came to be the way that it is, and you have multiple companies to choose from that will help you.

You pay money to these companies for the testing you receive, but they give you a detailed report on your DNA. This can be helpful if you are beginning the process of tracking down your family, and it may be especially helpful if you are adopted and do not necessarily know where you come from. The tests could lead you to a brand new place in your life that you did not know existed.

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