How to Fix SD Memory Card Errors: The Definitive Guide

For all we know, SD memory cards are one of the most productive things that got invented. It can effortlessly utilize in digital tools such as smartphones or cameras.

Nonetheless, the fact must not be overlook that SD cards are also electronic storage portable devices and acquiring some frequent errors are not uncommon. With that said, this post revolves around SD card errors and how to fix them.

Make sure to stay tune all the way because we will be sharing you some solutions and tips for SD memory card errors. This will aid you being prepared for any issue that will come.

So, with that said, let’s dive in!

#1 Read/Write Error on SD Card

This issue is one of the most common errors of SD memory cards out there. Read/Write error means that your SD card has become protected. This essentially implies that the card is not permitting you to make any configurations to the files in the SD memory card.

Some other reasons might also be because of mismanagement of SD memory card, damaged disk structures, bad sectors, virus intrusion, and so on. If this happens to you, here are the fixes you can perform to solve this error.

#2 Memory Card Not Recognized

When your SD memory card is not being recognized by your device, what you want to do is here:

Clean It

If the SD memory card looks dusty, then this is probably the root of the problem. Simply clean the card and get rid of the dust, and insert the card again.

Test SD Card

Your device might not recognize your SD memory card ever if it’s actually damaged. In order to make sure, get your SD memory card and connect it with another computer. If it is still working, then there’s probably a different error.

However, if it does not, your SD card is most likely defective and you need to get a new one.

#3 Do Some Verifications

Attempt to connect SD memory card in another phone or device in order to ensure that there’s no any compatibility problems.

Then, examine the SD memory card reader and device driver completely.

Or you can give USB cable network a check. If it’s all good, go to the next method below.

# 4 Get Rid of the Write-Protection

Now, if your SD card is write-protected, you must get rid of the SD card from your phone and look for the lock switch found on the left side of the card. Slide it upwards and get rid of the protection.

If your SD memory card is not having the lock, then just utilize your computer and take help of Disk part command utility. Just link SD to PC then open the cmd, write Diskpart then press enter.

Then type again the listdisk, choose your disk, then type select disk 1, then input attribute disk clear read-only, and press enter, then remove SD memory card.

#5 SD Memory Card Unexpectedly Removed

One of the most usual SD memory card issues that one may encounter is the SD card being unexpectedly removed. This particular error on Android normally comes if the SD memory card connection is not that tight with the port. In addition, it might be a clue that the SD memory card has some virus attack. If it happens, you can just simply execute the following process:

Simply Format SD Memory Card

  • Just format your SD memory card if its issues are persistent. Of course, this can delete everything from your memory card, that’s why it is not that much recommended. You can opt to the method below if you want to play it safe. Nonetheless, if your data is not that much important, this would be a quick fix.

Un-mount and Mount the SD Memory Card

  • Go to settings on your device and access the storage
  • Scroll down and look for the un-mount SD Card option and click on it and press ok.
  • Get the SD card out and shut down your device
  • Put it back again and turn on your device
  • Proceed to settings again just like in the first step and click on the mount SD card

Final Thoughts

We all know how SD memory cards can cause us some stress. Most of the time we all keep every detail and data in it and witnessing such problem can effortless cause headaches. But because of the methods we shared to you above, you’ll probably be good to go.

Of course, one way to not get headache is to simply back all of your files in the first place. To sum it up, we want to you to be away from every potential SD memory card errors in your devices, and we hope with all the tips we shared to you can do all your things.

How about you? Do you know another method or tricks to fix some SD memory card errors? If so, you can post it in the comment section below so we can help other people.

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